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Schuyler Phellatio Hunt
Reviewer name: Schuyler
Created: 11/2/85
Favorite Movie: The Crow
Biggest Pet Peeve: When the cat plays in the litterbox as he’s trying to remove her feces from it.
A Boston College grad who has killed with his wit and charming good looks (seriously…Congressman Gary Condit was innocent…), Schuyler reviews movies that he loves and slays movies that he detests. When he is not reviewing movies, he is doing improv comedy or eating Cheez-Its.
Izzy Ludacris Rosiuta
Reviewer name: igrldremer
Created: 5/29/86
Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction
Favorite Banana: Banana
Izzy is a Boston University grad who does not want to go back to Candy Mountain. She wishes that she had a Room of Requirement instead of just a Room of Mess. When asked about her movie preferences, Izzy replied, “…motion pictures are ten dollars………what about popped corn?……I wonder what’s playing…”
James Danger Haroldson
Reviewer name: Jharoldson13
Created: 8/18/85
Favorite Movie(s): The Shining, Batman Begins, Airplane!
Biggest Ambition: Destroying that arrogant moon.
James is a grad of Boston College (currently in SPAIN!!!) who yearns for the day when he can cast off the oppressive cloak of mediocrity and embrace his destiny as the Last Son of Batman. He is a born pugilist who enjoys writing, reading, eating lots and lots of sushi and burgers, and his occassional bouts of sleep. He is the token “horror guy”.
Jennifer “I haven’t thought of a funny fake middle name yet” Stout
Reviewer name: jennyjuniper21
Created: 12/21/85
Favorite movie(s): Annie Hall, Quills, Rushmore
Drug of choice: Newman’s Own Cafe Almond Biscotti coffee.
Jenny is currently studying library science at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.  Her favorite Dewey Decimal class is the 300’s…specifically 305 and 306.  Her favorite Library of Congress subclass is HQ.  When she is not engaging in anti-social, subversive, liberal elitist behaviors such as reading, watching movies, and keeping up with blogs, Jenny enjoys drinking with friends, intricate Japanese rope bondage, and doing crossword puzzles.
Cameron “Son of Cambow” Horn
Reviewer name: Cam127
Created: September 27
Favorite Movie: A Clockwork Orange

@bout M3: I consider myself something of a movie anorexic, I see myself low on movies (Just under 500 in my collection) while others think I’m psychotic and broke for owning so many (the latter of statements is true, the former is debatable).

I love sitting down and getting lost in an engaging movie, regardless the genre though my personal favorite is horror. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for just under a year and things have been going well. I have had a huge passion for writing, mainly short stories but the recent kick has been scripts in hopes of making my own no budget movie. I work as a cook at a little bar and grill. Live life like it’s your last, no regrets, no worries, and someday you’ll look back and smile.

Guest Reviewers and Lazy People:

Joseph “The Ghost”
Reviewer name: Itlacksoomph

[Editor’s note: JTG does not have an actual last name. The FBI has been trying to subpoena him for being overly-sardonic, which is a felony, so he dropped his true identity and went into hiding. His current whereabouts are unknown, but his stircrazy nature demands that he review the occassional movie in a public forum.]

Created: A REALLY long time ago
Favorite Movie
: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Coke or Pepsi
: Pepsi

Dan “Comic Sans” Milano
Reviewer name: theroboticdan
Created: 7/7/84
Favorite Movie: Ghostbusters
THING I HATE: SPAM TEXT MESSAGES! You try to text them back with a horrible threat and it won’t even go through! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE
Jason “Dastardly” Serrano
Reviewer name: serranja
Created: 9/5/1987
Favorite Movie: Almost Famous
Favorite Food: Mom’s Chicken Pot Pie
Andrew “Mighty Oak” d’Adesky
Reviewer name: andrewdadesky
Created: 9/1/2008
Favorite Foods: Pizza, Sushi and Thai.
Things I Hate: Frenchmen, Small Children and Asparagus
Allen Midwest Jones or Tex
Created: 11/27/85
Favorite Movie: Allen is one of those annoying people who can’t pick just one favorite movie. But he did almost throw up while watching Cabin Fever…while on a date :/
Favorite Online Smiley Emoticon: $:@)
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