Saw IV

Cam Says:

Saw is back, and better than ever… well maybe not. In reality, Saw 4 is a huge disappointment, but that’s later, now for the upsides.

The movie just has that Saw 3 look and feel, I really enjoyed the feel of Saw 2 and 3, more particularly Saw 2 but it’s a toss up. The story takes place during Saw 3, but reverts back to flash backs with Jigsaw turning and becoming… well Jigsaw. It’s a long over exaggerated story but it is interesting to a point, but as they become more and more prevalent it just seems to be side tracking you from the true story. There is a twist, as with all Saw movies but this Saw seems to be relying on the old “If you build it they will come” mind set, this is their downfall. Though I would only, and I truly mean only, go see this movie again or any of the next ones because of those flashbacks. They really give life to Jigsaw, a man we never really get to see outside of his homicidal spree.

The characters are about as deep as a California snow storms, the characters are there, and it could show something but it’s not likely… at all. All you find yourself when they do give up a little information on the character is confused and a little cold, much like that California snow storm. They take minor characters, (Briggs, the SWAT member) and say “Hey, let’s make him the main character!” The fact that Briggs is the main character and the storyline is taking place at the same time as Saw 3 leads to confusion and you find yourself watching the third one thinking “This doesn’t make any sense”. I’m one of the few that enjoys a great twist at the end of a movie, that’s why my love for the Saw movies will continue on, but this just seemed out of place.

Traps, it’s a great word and Jigsaw makes them so much better. What happens when Jigsaw is dead? The traps seem dull, compared to other Saw movies. There are like four or five traps in the movie, but you are craving for more at the end, something that just screams out, something that is so violent it makes you puke, but you get nothing. Leigh Whannel must have had a huge impact on the movie because without his support this movie has fallen short. Hearing rumors of the writer nearly fainting when they thought of one of the traps seems a little far fetched to say the least.

All in all the movie acts more as a build up to the next movie, but how many fans the franchise has lost is up in the air. The more and more movies they produce the more and more the bar is set lower, like the Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th/Freddy movies before it. After seeing our villain for the 4rth time it goes down hill from there. At the end of the day, Saw IV will make you confused, bored, and tired. I drove 20 minutes at 90 MPH on the highway, and  took off work early to get to this showing. I would only recommend spending the 8 bucks if you plan to see the next few Saw movies, Saw 4 sets up the next few movies, but ignores it’s stand alone project. The twist doesn’t make sense and is far from called for, the characters are shallow and dull, the traps will put you to sleep, the storyline is more confusing than, and I’ll bring this up again, that California snow storm. The only thing to keep in mind is that it will tie up the questions that are given during Saw 3 just to get them tied up. They took the lazy way out, seeing as there’s 3 writers, they must have took the “If you put enough monkeys in a room they’ll come up with Shakespeare eventually”. An extreme disappointment and the “Fan film” they portrayed this movie as, only confuses the long time fans of Saw. I own the trilogy and am picking up the Saw 3 directs cut and the Saw Trilogy with the special packaging I think this series was great, until this movie. This will be a movie, considering IF you ever watch it again, will be one only to prove points and connect bridges, the entertainment value has gone.

Grade: 47


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