Cannibal Holocaust

Cam Says:

It’s the middle of the night I can’t sleep and I know why. My repeated flash backs to this film I have just watched… no experienced. Just earlier that day I had come home from vacationing in Florida, now that I am back in Michigan I have a few movies waiting for me that I had ordered from an online store. I flipped through the normal movies that I have just wanted to see and the classics I’ve seen but never bothered to buy and came upon a movie… this movie was Cannibal Holocaust. I have heard many things of this movie how it is the most horrific movie to come out in ages, ever in a few instances. Ruggero Deodato directed this movie filmed on location in the “Green Inferno”. I have now found that you don’t watch this movie, you experience it.

I go to my work and show a co-worker whom also really likes just those gritty, horrific just gore and blood movies. I bring my portal DVD player and put on a few of the scenes, he is in total shock and horror as I flip through the movie. As he asks to borrow it to actually see the movie I hesitate, something shocking hits me and I realize that I enjoyed this movie tremendously and want to watch it again… this scares me. I find I don’t need the movie, it keeps playing over in my mind.

I put in the movie for the first time and am greeted with a “Grind House” title sequence I’ve seen somewhere else but I can’t put my finger on it. I am prepared for everything. The clock hits 11:00 PM and I press play. The movie begins in some sort of documentary introduction, my expectations and hopes die slightly here, though this lasts only for a few minutes. Before I know it I’m shifted into the jungle with a few explorers trying to find another expedition that has gone missing. (Alright before I continue I just want to say if you are going to a new country and people go missing, get the fuck out! This isn’t Saving Private Ryan this is man for himself)… okay back to the review. So these decent guys go into the “Green Inferno” looking for scientific crap we don’t care about but they mention it just to make it seem more realistic. We are met more and more with graphic scenes of an animal death that is actually real. I can deal with a lot but something like that is pretty bad, I wince for a moment then I’m back in the game, after all I guess they did eat it. After a couple of scenes of meeting the locals and finding a few things from the previous expedition we are shot into the last expedition’s point of view and the stories their camera’s film. This is a whole new level. I have drawn lines and these walks over, jogs up and down and squats on this line of sanity. I feel ill and I want to turn it off, I’m looking for the remote to shut off the DVD Player/ Surround Sound system. I desperately grab at anything, but am distracted from the fear and regret and enjoyment of this movie. I can’t give away anything else but this is a movie that will confront you with rape, sex, violence, and just plain cruelty. This movie uses no cheap scares or ideas that “The Boogey Man is coming to get you” kind of thing, nor does it imply any spiritual reasoning or ghost explanation, this gives you the cold facts. I think everyone draws a line in their mind and says where you should just close your eyes and black it out, this movie is verging on this line… but I can’t shut it off. I’m mesmerized by the reality of the horror and brute force, castrations with rocks and impaled women. I finally grab a hold of the remote control and my finger draws near the off button but I stop. This movie with no moral values and no point to the blood shed has taken a hold of my mind and dragged me into the swampy, jungle, cannibal infested forest that is the Green Inferno.

After only ten days after the premier the movie was met with an obstacle that no other mainstream movie I can recall faced, the courts. Ruggero Deodato was put in trial and facing the murder of the four expedition’ers and the murder of the impaled woman. After the contract the producers and director forged with the actors to stay off the Hollywood scene had to be broken in order to get out of a life sentence in prison, the courts began their attack from a different angle. They banned the movie from audiences, yet Ruggero Deodato and others from the production of the movie fought this for 3 years before allowing the movie to receive a VM18 rating.

When considering to rent or buy this movie keep in mind that the director was put on trial for this movie, that it has been banned in countries all over the world. This is not by any means a movie for the light hearted or ‘easy stomached’. I have been watching horror movies all my life and have follow the likes of Tom Savini yet this is something in itself. Italians are the only ones making the true horror movies anymore, this is a wonderful and remarkable piece of art that shouldn’t and won’t be forgotten for many, many years to come. A definite buy, I purchased my copy from, it’s something like 18 or 19 dollars for this film. Do not delay, if you can stomach the horror then you are obligated to watch this movie.

The only complaint I would have is that most of the special features are in Italian with English Subtitles but this still doesn’t detract from the movie itself. A true classic of the horror scene:

Grade: For horror lovers: 89 Anyone else: 73


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