Hot Fuzz

James says:

The second gem from the guys who did “Shaun of the Dead!” This time they tackle buddy cop movies and all their inherent homo eroticism, and mine that shit for all its worth. The story follows Nick Angel, a badass beat cop from London whose arrest record is like 400% higher than everyone else’s. This pisses off the top brass because he’s making them all look bad, so they promote him and ship him off to some tiny little village out in the country that hasn’t seen a murder in 20 years or so. Once there, Nick meets Danny Butterman, the son of the local chief of police, and the two form a sort of partnership, although the friendship takes awhile to heat up. Along the way, Nick becomes convinced that someone is murdering people in the town while trying to cover up a vast conspiracy, and enlists Danny to help him bring it all down.

First off, this movie is not quite as good as “Shaun.” But when you set the bar that high, it’s almost impossible to live up to it, so that’s not a strike against “Hot Fuzz,” it’s just a measure of how fucking awesome “Shaun” is. “Hot Fuzz” is still hilariously funny, featuring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost at their most badass and adorably oafish respectively, running train on crime in town. Timothy Dalton [Editor’s note: YES YES THE BADGUY FROM ROCKETEER!!!] also shows up to GREAT EFFECT as the owner of the local supermarket. I don’t really have any snappy remarks to make, because I honestly adore this movie. Grab some friends and some snacks and prepare to enjoy yourself thoroughly. And keep your ear open for the big revelation during the climax; it’s fucking hysterical.

Grade: 91


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