Run Fatboy Run

Izzy says:

I just saw this movie. Like, just saw it as in I just got back from the theatre. And you know what? It was fabulous. Maybe it’s because I’m a huge Simon Pegg fan. I mean, come on. Shaun of the Dead is an AMAZING film. Laugh Out Loud (or “LOL” as you kids these days call it) comedy. Same with Hot Fuzz. So I was already in the mood to enjoy a film based on the fact that he was in it. This is one of those films that is made better because everyone has English accents (and of course, the “bad guy” is American…which is amusing in itself, seeing as the bad guy is Hank Azaria and to me, Hank Azaria will always be Phoebe from FRIENDS’s geeky scientist boyfriend named David who went to Minsk, and it’s weird to see him as not a good guy) and say words like “arsehole”, “bloody” and “wanker”. [Editor’s note: Also directed by Friends’ DAVID SCHWIMMER & written by MICHAEL IAN BLACK!]

This is one of those “I am in love with this girl, but she thinks I’m a loser and I have to do something to win her back from her almost perfect boyfriend” movies. Usually this plotline tends to get a little boring, but not in this film. It was actually highly enjoyable because of that. It’s somewhat predictable at times, but in a good way. Dennis (Simon Pegg) ends up running a marathon in order to win back his girl and his son (yes! he has a son! and his son is very cute and reminds me of the little boy in Love Actually because he’s precocious and has an adorable English accent) and he’s in bad shape and a smoker so it’s really difficult for him. His “trainers” include his mate from Shaun of the Dead Dylan…(oh lord I just looked up this guy on IMDB and I ALREADY forgot his last name) Moran, and his extremely chunky Indian landlord (I don’t think he is a very well-known actor, but I could be wrong). His landlord makes him run by hitting him in the ass with a spatula. I guess that’s not a spatula, but a SPANKula! (that’s probably only funny to me…) His friend gets him to put KY jelly on his nipples before running the marathon so he doesn’t “chafe”. Humor like this really tickles my funny bone. There are definitely some excellent moments.

I really don’t want to give away much more of the film because it’s definitely worth seeing. The last few films I have seen in theatres recently have not really been up to par (see: Be Kind, Rewind) so it was really refreshing to see a comedy that was actually funny and worth $8.50 + popcorn and a cherry Icee. Also, it made me want to take a spinning class (you’ll see why when you see the film. I’m being presumptuous and saying “when” because I know that after reading this review you’ll drop whatever you’re doing and head for the nearest theatre) and that’s pretty awesome, except that I’ll probably forget about that desire within a few days. Still, points for effort! And mad points for the hilarity that ensues when you put Simon Pegg in tight running shorts (which may as well be briefs, mind you) and yellow sneakers.

Grade: 92


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