Shaun of the Dead

James says:


Simon Pegg is a god among men, and this is an indisputable fact. I came into this movie having never seen “Spaced,” the British show that made him (and most of the other cast members) famous and even inspired them to make a zombie movie, but it was irrelevant. It’s a very funny show, but it will never be able to dethrone the spot in my heart that “Shaun of the Dead” will forever hold. The movie begins when Pegg’s character, the titular Shaun, is introduced as a lovable, albeit directionless slacker whose girlfriend is way too good for him and who lives with his hilarious best friend, Ed (Nick Frost). After Shaun royally fucks up on the plans he promised his girlfriend for their anniversary, she dumps him, and Shaun and Ed go to their favorite pub, The Winchester, in order to drown their sorrows in lager. Of course, as with any good movie, zombies soon show up to spoil the party. With the city falling apart around them, Shaun has no choice but to band together with Ed, his mom, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend’s roommates in an attempt to survive the undead attack!

Oh, Shaun, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! One, this movie has enough references to choke a porn star’s prolapsed butthole. The guys clearly love George Romero’s “Dead Trilogy,” and it comes through in the tiny little details. For example, Shaun works at “Foree Electronics,” a reference to Ken Foree, star of Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead.” When Shaun tells his mom, Barbara, that he’s going to come rescue her, Ed takes the phone and shouts “We’re coming to get you, Barbara!” This line is taken almost word for word from the opening scene of “Night of the Living Dead.” And they don’t stop with Romero! The restaurant Shaun was supposed to get reservations at for his anniversary was called “Fulci’s,” which also happens to be the name of a famous Italian director known largely for his zombie movies. (Fanboys: want to argue this? I cordially invite you to fuck yourselves)

Last but certainly not least is the most important part of any comedy…the comedy. It works. THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is how a parody should look. You can keep your “Scary Movies” and all those other God-awful cinematic abortions, because Shaun gets it right. It’s a movie that knows how to parody. It’s not enough to simply reference lots of other movies and expect people to laugh, it’s to take the FOUNDATIONS OF THE GENRE and turn them on their heads. Let the audience believe that they know where the movie is going, then juke the crap out of them and make them love every second. I saw this movie COMPLETELY ALONE, and didn’t regret a damn thing. It’s funny, exciting, touching when it needs to be, and extremely entertaining. See it post haste.

Grade: 92


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