Mulholland Drive

Dan says:

A friend was in Los Angeles last week and we were driving up around Mulholland Drive when it hit me, had I ever seen the movie of themulholland-drive.jpg same name? I vaguely remembered some long, twisted psychological thriller with strange interconnected plotlines. It was set in Los Angeles and began with an M… then I realized, I was thinking of Magnolia.

It was fate then, that when I returned home, the amazing and new was offering Mulholland Drive in its entirety for the price of free! At that cost, how could I resist? I kissed my Sunday goodbye and entered the world of David Lynch’s filmmaking.

The goal here is to try and understand whats going on for as long as possible until reality gives out. I was proud of myself as I followed the amnesia driven plot through its most surreal moments, picking out clues and forming theories as to what the heck was going on. Mulholland Drive is more a riddle than a movie, filled with eerie foreboding characters, people caught up in mysteries and events much bigger than themselves, and complete logical dead ends.

Watching it, you’ll probably be proud and think you’ve got it figured out by the hour and a half marker. Then the whole thing slips into an alternate universe and you’re lost all over again. No one narrative can make sense for these characters, so a beginning, middle and end is hard to pin point here. Characters become one another, timelines are shattered, we rewind to the past and flash forward to the future in the blink of an eye.

Its all a bit insane at times, but the film still retains a sense of humor, suspense and some HOT HOT LESBIAN LOVE SCENES. Go into this film as a brain teaser and don’t expect a cut and dry story. You’ll be far more entertained that way. And when you get lost, just remember that theres probably some tantalizing girl on girl action coming up.

Grade: 87


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