Freak Out

James says:

This is one diamond in the rough of a movie, people. I think it was made in New Zealand or something, because everyone has a funny accent. The movie is basically about these two guys who meet anfreak-out.jpg effeminate escaped mental patient, who they then try to groom into the perfect killing machine for their own amusement! What makes it extra hilarious is that the killer is also a vegetarian who is forever crying “Meat is murder!” Irony, thy name is this movie. Funny things happen because the killer (known as “The Loony”) is gay and scared of violence because he’s the pussiest killer in the history cinema, but that’s what makes it great. Every once in awhile he goes on these ridiculous murderampages, at a party the two friends throw, then again at the grocery store. The dozens of corpses are viewed with nothing more than distaste, adding to the ridiculous sense of unreality.

Don’t go into this movie expecting a serious psychological study of what makes a man into a monster, or even a horror flick. You will be disappointed. Instead, if you want a refreshing (albeit 10 year old) parody of the slasher genre, then this is the movie for you. Culminating in one of the most absurd muder set-pieces I’ve ever seen wherein a leaf blower is used to launch a giant meat log in an attempt to stop The Loony, this movie is so over the top and ridiculous that it’s impossible not to love it. If you’re into things that are funny and don’t mind the hilariously-low budget, give this movie a try or fuck you.

Grade: 80


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