The Rutles

Schuyler says:

As a brilliant child prodigy in about everything I did, my parents developed high expectations for me. Thus, when I got a C- in my college Philosophy of J.R.R. Tolkien class, they were more disappointed than the parents of other C- receiving students. They expected me to get A’s, even when test questions such as “What was Tolkien’s favorite type of tree?” were the norm.

I, as a movie-lover, have similar expectations for Eric Idle. As creator of so many wonderful Python films/skits, I expect more from himrutles.jpg than what amounts to the watered-down-predecessor to Spinal Tap.

The jokes are few and far between, although the movie is clearly intended to be a comedy. The larger joke is that this band, the Rutles, blatantly imitates the Beatles. Ha….ha….ha. That’s it. That’s all it is. Just a band that looks like the Beatles and plays music like the Beatles and acts like the Beatles. Idle clearly had to come up with a movie idea in less than 5 seconds, because I know if he spent 6 seconds on an idea he would’ve given us a better final product.

Also, at first the imitation Beatles music, which merely changes a few words here and there, is charming. But by song three you are begging for someone to pull a John Lennon on these musicians.

“All You Need is Cash,” “Shabby Road,” and “Sergeant Rutter’s Only Darts Club Band” are some of the titles. They could’ve gone a lot further in parodying the Beatles songs, maybe with a better gimmick instead of just a direct imitation. Also each of the 14 songs they play in the film go on for 2-3 minutes a piece, and eventually you are left wanting it to be over.

The movie advertises starring roles by Mick Jagger and Paul Simon. The reality is that they answer one interview question a piece, and both answers are really un-funny. George Harrison’s appearance is also nothing special.

Narrator: Mick, why do you think the Rutles broke up?
Mick Jagger: Why do I think they did? Why did the Rutles break up? Women. Just women. Getting in the way. Cherchez la femme, you know.
Narrator: Do you think they’ll ever get back together again?
Mick Jagger: I hope not.

Mick, I can’t get no fucking satisfaction, either. This movie disappointed like an Uno’s Pizza Skins that has lumpy mashed potatoes in it instead of a smooth puree of mashed potato.

Grade: 66


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