Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock?

Schuyler says:

Teri Horton is a 70+ year-old cussing, drinking, smoking, truck driving grandma.

That is more than enough story for John Travolta’s next starring role.horton.jpg
Only it’s true. Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock? is a documentary about how Horton finds what appears to be an authentic Jackson Pollock painting in a run-down pawn shop for $5. That’s right, FIVE DOLLARS. A friend who is more art-savvy than herself alerts her to the possibility that it might be a real Pollock painting. Her response: the film title.

Horton begins her late-life quest to have the painting authenticated, only to be met by elitist resistance from the mafia that is the art-connoisseur’s world. This film reveals the cartoonish and idiotic snobbery that could only exist in the art world. The professionals who act as vocal leaders in the art world confess on camera why they “do not believe” Horton’s painting is a Pollock. It becomes more and more obvious that they truly do not want the painting to be authentic.

Even after one of the world’s leading finger print analysts finds specific finger-print evidence on the painting that occurs both in Pollock’s studio and on other Pollock paintings, these critics refuse to acknowledge the piece. Continual breakthroughs are made that identify the piece as a legitimate Pollock, using forensic science as the key identifier. The experts refuse to budge, denying poor class-less Horton a chance to join the upper echelons of the aristocratic art-world. If they would “give it the thumbs up” it would bring the piece’s value to upwards of $50,000,000.

It IS a Pollock, but it is only worth such a ridiculous sum with the aristocratic seal of approval. They would NEVER ever allow such ahorton2.jpg low-brow individual into their circle, and their actions/comments are so filled with spite that it seeps into the film.

As far as documentaries go, this has been my favorite of all time. I’m sure I’ll see others that engage me in a similar fashion someday, but thus far, this one has been ultimate. I cannot critique acting, since the characters are real. All I can do is commend the director and cameramen for stringing together an exceptional story.

If you notice, I haven’t made my typical array of jokes in this review. Except when a documentary allows brief moments of humor, there is hardly anything to laugh about in most documentaries…just sharp, cutting, critical points.

Deal with it fuckers.

Grade: 91


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