Jason says:

This is the best film about college marching bands battling for supremacy with Nick Cannon that I’ve ever seen.  It’s also the only one. (duh).  What we’ve got isdrumline2.jpg Cannon venturing out from the Nickelodeon umbrella as the talented but conceited drummer who goes to college on a scholarship to play for a band led by the guy from 7-up commercials (Orlando Jones).  It’s goofy, and only has one white person in it.  But it’s actually fun, in a messed up, nothing else on tv but I need to watch something kinda way.

Don’t get me wrong: This isn’t a great movie.  It’s not even a particularly good movie.  We’ve seen everything in it a million times before.  It follows the classic sports movie formula, even though band-ing isn’t really a sport.  The acting is spotty, and I can’t stand Cannon for more than seven seconds at a time.  Plus Jones has his serious face on the entire time, which is a departure from every other bad movie he’s ever been in (and he’s only been in bad movies, except for a brief part in Office Space), and so it’s not fun to watch him.  There’s also an awkward romantic subplot that disappears for a while before mysteriously reappearing.

The clichés come at you rapid fire, but for some reason, I didn’t mind.  There’s the reigning champs, full of arrogance and trying to steal Cannon from his team.  There’s the friend who struggles getting on the team and the captain who seems like a douche until that magical point halfway through when he becomes really cool and suddenly everybody gets along.  And there’s the struggle between old-school and new-school.

But the music is cool in a hip-hop drumming kinda way, and I certainly can’t drum like any of the characters, so I can’t judge that.  The band plays the Jackson 5’s “I want you back”, easily one of my favorite 70s songs.  And Zoe Saldana is hot, so that’s a plus.  All in all, Drumline isn’t good, but it’s not bad.  It’s unremarkable but watchable.  That’s an ok thing, right?
Grade: 70


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