United 93

Dan says:

United 93 pulls no punches. The film is a straight up account what probably happened that morning, which in itself is gripping enough. Add inunited9320066179_f.jpg some decent acting and great directing and you’re there. I really enjoyed the fact that there was minimal dialogue between people on the plane before the incident occurred. For an hour the passengers kept to themselves or asked for a pillow. Thats what planes are like, not like Snakes on a Plane where everyone can’t help but have conversations with the people next to them.

The camera work was great too. Never too close up. Always like you’re sitting a seat over and looking at these guys. It felt like the Office without comedy. This is where the realistic shaky cam style made so popular in Borne Identity turns into art.

Many of the conversations are based on actual phone calls made on that date. You get the feeling that what is shown on screen is entirely plausible. The people who were trapped on that plane were afraid, called their loved ones, their loved ones told them that other planes had crashed into the WTC, and then United 93 went down early in Pennsylvania. We can assume that the passengers on board did not sit still and accept their fate. We can call them heroes.

It may seem too soon, even a few years after its release, but theunited93.jpg brighter side to this story is that much of the profit went to the families involved through the Flight 93 National Memorial fund.

The movie is like a pit in your stomach. You are boarding the plane with these people and once it gets into the sky, you’re exactly where you do not want to be. On a one way trip to death. Because the story never embellishes anything, it doesn’t break boundaries in storytelling, but it does document a crazy hour in American history.

[Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this review do not reflect the opinions of COTT, the WB, or BET. Except the part where the author “claims” that this movie starts with a “U”]

Grade: 91

On a less somber note, this entry marks the first “U” movie, and the final letter in Clash of the Titan’s alphabet! 26 letters! I win!


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