Out Cold

James says:

YES! I saw this with my friends back in high school, basically on a whim, and damn but if itout-cold.jpg didn’t become a legendary movie among us. I’ve got three words that sum up this movie nicely, “gratuitous genital abuse.” Almost all of it revolves around comedian Zach Galifianakis and his attempts to “get some”. The first ends with his wang getting frozen into the jet of a hot tub after some hot Scandanavian chick (aren’t they all hot?) leaves him high and dry, so he decides to try humping something that shoots piping hot water. Later in the movie, he gets a blowjob from a fucking polar bear.

It’s glorious. Jason London, who many of you may remember as T.S. from “Mallrats,” is theoutcold2.jpg main character. He spends almost the entire movie moping about some girl he met in Mexico, who eventually shows up at the mountain with her fiancee. Meanwhile, some really hot chick is all over his junk but he ignores her until the very end. This movie also has Dangle from “Reno 911” back before any of those guys were famous. This movie is dumb as hell, and certainly doesn’t try anything radical with its comedy, but damn is it funny. Definitely worth a watch if you can stomach all the snowboarding. At least there’s no “anti-skiing” agenda being pushed by the director. Fuck…just watch the movie, it’s great.

Grade: 80


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