The Replacements

Jason says:

Raise your hand if you like Keanu Reeves…ok, now go someplace where I don’t have to ever meet you. Watched this movie on tv, and thought it was actually fun,cheerleader.jpg except for the whole movie not involving football. It’s about scabs who break the football picket line. In short, football=kinda funny, not football=suck.
Football part: We’ve got the wacky players who don’t fit, and for some reason, I find that funny. There’s the receiver who can’t catch, the sumo linesman, the soccer drunkard who kicks…hilarious, right? Sometimes. Also, Roy from the Office is deaf, and cheerleaders (who apparently also went on strike) are now strippers. And the dreadfully cast Jon Favreau as a psycho defensive player a la the Waterboy. I loved Favs in Swingers, but nobody would ever associate football player with him (even now that he gained a ridiculous amount of weight.) Let him be the best friend to the wannabe football player (Rudy)
Not Football part: Shitty romantic leads (some chick I’ve never seen before or since with Keanu), bad sappy music, a dumb dance scene w/ “I will survive”,replacements.jpg picketing players breaking the law on a regular basis (but getting away with it), wimpy QB living on a boat and whining, a MVP QB who breaks the picket line (plus he never made the playoffs but is an MVP? Whaaa?) and not real NFL teams (NFL is smart sometimes).

Also, Keanu sucks. Oh, and why is Gene Hackman in this? He’s a good actor slumming in the worst way…C’mon Gene, how strapped for cash were you?
Grade: 53


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