The Hours

Jason says:

God, this movie was as depressing as… a poorly formed analogy. What it is is three women in different times, all living out or writing Mrs. Dalloway. I didn’t readthe-hours.jpg the book, but my roommate did and had to watch the movie for class, so I watched it with him. I would’ve been better suited watching crappy MTV reality shows, because then something would’ve happened
Nicole Kidman won an Oscar for basically just wearing a fake nose. And being depressing as Virginia Woolf, who killed herself by forgetting to swim. And Julianne Moore is a depressing 1950s housewife with lesbian tendencies. She’s married to John C. Reilly, who was fine in his little bit. But she leaves him. Meryl Streep is also depressing as a lesbian with a sick friend. But Alison Janney played her lover, and was good…like always. And Ed Harris, in a surprise turn as not-a-cop, plays a guy with leukemia pretty well…oh, and shock! He’s Julianne Moore’s son.

This movie got a Best Picture nomination because it’s that “Serious topic” movie that somebody somewhere likes. I give it a nomination for “most looking at time” and “Longest lasting movie”. Bleh.
Grade: 48


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