Summer of Sam

Schuyler says:

Summer of Sam is the first ever movie about a mass-murderer that is not a horror film. Oddly enough, we are only shownsos.jpg snippets of the killer and the actual murders which altogether add up to about 5% of the film. Most of the film is about Disco and Adultery, my two favorite things to do on a Friday.

John Leguizamo looks like a nasty drain-clog of a human being. He is “skeevy” in real life, but decides to crank it up a notch for his guido disco dancer character. Throughout the entirety of the film he is obsessed with his own fate and his own life: “The killer saw me!” “The Son of Sam is gonna get me” “Spaghetti Linguini ah-Meat-ah-Balls!” Despite the fact that Leguizamo is Colombian, if this movie featured any more Italians they would have to call it “Grease.”

Adrian Brody gives himself a Good Charlotte spikey hairdoo, a fake British accent, and plenty of punk clothing as hisbrody.jpg character attempts to be the first ever Italian in a Ramones-esque band (and the second Hyman–inside joke for all you Ramones fans). We all know Italians have a history of accepting different types of people (See also: Jesus, Rome’s conquered provinces, The Irish), but Brody’s hometown friends have issues with his new punk lifestyle, which they see as “faggy”. So “faggy” that the “town fag” helps to beat the shit out of him. There is gay, and there is punk. Although, to be fair, Adrian Brody turns down hot piece of ass Jennifer Esposito from giving him a blow-j like 10 times. I would consider that gay.

The best part of IMDB is the sort of unspoken trivia you can discover. EVANDER HOLYFIELD was an extra during the “black people steal stuff because the power is out” riots. Also, John Turturro plays the voice of the satanic dog in the killer’s head (the very same John Turturro that said “You don’t fuck with the Jesus!” in Big Lebowski).lions.jpg

SOS was a Spike Lee joint, which means it has some racial movement behind it. I was confused for the longest time trying to figure out “how is this movie somehow about black people being oppressed?” And then it hit me…it’s really just anti-Italian (Italians are white people). I am okay with this, however, as I’m ethnically from England. Anything that’s bad for Italy is good for the rest of the world.

The movie made me really uncomfortable for the most part, because now I feel that I’m racist towards Italians. This movie has absolutely CONVINCED me that they are stupid, unable to grasp simple logic, have itchy trigger fingers, and are very quick to riot. Then again, I’m sure most first-century Catholics/Christians would agree with me.

Grade: 80


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