Mission: Impossible 2

James says:

I’d like to preface this review with two things: one is that I LOVED the first “Mission: Impossible” movie. It was an intelligent,mi2.jpg suspenseful, and well-made spy movie dosed with a liberal amount of action. Two is that I actually looked up the movie I’m reviewing so that I could refresh myself on plot points and whatnot. Armed with this knowledge, let me kick off the real review by saying that M:I2 is a disappointing sequel. It’s not that it’s a bad movie…it’s just that it’s so much dumber than the original. A lot of this can probably be blamed on the decision to have John Woo direct. Although I thoroughly enjoy his early work in Hong Kong action cinema, his work in the US has been subpar at best.

The plot is nothing new; a rogue IMF agent steals some crazy virus called Chimera, planning to release it into the world and then make a fortune selling the antidote, which only he possesses. The antidote, not quite coincidentally, is called Bellerophon, the hero who killed the Chimera in Greek mythology. Very clever, gentlemen. You made a literary reference. Anyway, Tom Cruise has to recruit some people to help him destroy the virus before the bad guy can kill everyone. They succeed in wiping out most of the stuff, but then the girl who both Cruise AND the bad guy love injects herself with the last of it to make herself the perfect bargaining chip. Blah blah blah there’s a long motorcycle chase which is pretty cool, culminating in a ridiculous fight on the beach. Cruise shoots the bad guy, the end!

This movie’s primary strength are its action scenes. These tend to be pretty top notch, in typical John Woo fashion. There’s one scene where Cruise walks by a doorway silhouetted by fire while doves fly past him and he stares at the camera like he’s got something big in his butt. I guess it’s him trying to look dark and tormented, but I like my interpretation much better. Other than the kickass explosions and stuff, the movie sort of sucks. Considering the first one was such a cerebral flick, I went into the sequel expecting something that would actually require me to use that big blob of gray shit in my skull to make some sense out of the whole mess, but no. It required nothing other than me sitting back and letting the pretty lights and flickering colors wash over me. Meh.

Grade: 77


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