Killer Clowns from Outer Space

James says:


HAHAHAHA!!! Ok, ok, sorry. This movie…exists. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I actually watched it recently,killerclowns.jpg in class last year with a bunch of underclassmen who had NO IDEA what they were getting themselves into. The premise of this movie is that some alien clowns come down from SPACE(!) to wrap people up in cotton candy pods and then drink their blood. And the only way to kill them is to destroy their clown noses. Honestly, from the title alone you should know that the whole thing is irrelevant. This is, at its core, a movie about clowns and how they naturally thirst for blood. The moral is that it is IMPERATIVE that we all band together and destroy as many clowns as possible before the uprising. That way, when the shit really hits the fan, we’ll have the numbers on our side. This movie can act as a great training video to fighting intergalactic clownmonsters. And it’s pretty fucking hilarious to boot.Grade: 65

Schuyler says:

I would always see this video in my town’s no-name video store…staring at me. I didn’t rent it, because it’s a stupid idea. Highly unrealistic…and…clowns are scary enough as is.
Grade: N/A

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