Inconvenient Truth

Dan says:

An Inconvenient Truth is a strange movie to rent. You need to somehow find yourself in the mood to hear some terrifying news about the fate of the world. Last night I was looking for a good horror movie and I decided upon this instead. I mean, whats scarier than a talking robot man in a dark room with menacing slides?

The whole thing is built to scare the pants off of you and get you good and charged up to live a carbon free lifestyle. The only factor that will keep you from running out and taking baseball bats to SUVs is the fact that the person giving this slide show is AL FREAKING GORE. If this guy was any more extreme he’d be kite boarding off of a big yellow airplane that belongs to a bear named Baloo.

He’s a modern day Nostradamus, predicting boiling seas, droughts, famine, fires, volcanoes, massive hurricanes, war, Michael Bay movies and the total destruction of all ice caps on earth. Everything is worst case scenario, and all of it will happen if you do not watch his slide show, then get your friends to watch his slide show, then start making slide shows of your own.

It’s all very cultish, the way he spends the time trying to get you to think like him. The lecture makes him feel like this all knowing father, teaching his children the ways of the world. His eco-friendly, recyclable children. Don’t let Gore fool you, he’d recycle you in a heart beat if he had the chance.

Why does this all feel so wrong? Maybe because I don’t want him wagging his finger saying “told you so” when I’m 45 years old and Miami beach vanishes. But on the other hand, why all the Apocalypse later stuff? To me, he spends almost too much time talking about the Katrinas and the disasters and not enough time talking about the solutions and the things that can be done. Its too much about the conspiracies of the current government, too much about what we’re doing wrong. I’d like to think more of people. Who would really sabotage the works of scientists when their data might be the key to the Earth’s survival??? Who, even in their greed, would change reports that will lead to the ice caps melting right off the face of the planet and states being wiped off the map? Supervillains?

Maybe my problem is that this all seems a little sci-fi to me. And that I like to see supervillians win some times. I enjoyed Revenge of the Sith. Though I wish it had more giant creatures, like a Lava Scorpion.

Its also hard to hear a political figure and try to see his message as unbiased. If hes right, and we can stop this thing, then he will haveendofworld.png saved the lives of millions of registered voters. And Gore shall inherit the earth. Shouldn’t this slide show be given by a scientist? Where are all these charts coming from? How much of this is guess work? How select are the articles hes choosing to quote? Are atmospheric measurements an exact science?

I lived by the sea for my whole life, and I guess part of my fantastic denial of all this is rooted in the fact that I don’t see the ocean rising out my front door. Climate change is a gradual thing, and we may have a load of carbon in the air right now, but its going to take a while to raise the overall temperature of the sea. And if thats the case, you definitely can’t blame Katrina on global warming, because the temperatures haven’t risen yet. What Gore is doing is taking a terrible event and pushing it towards his agenda. Why is this a movie? It should be a series of commercials or a special on TV to be aired on Earth Day every April 22nd. Or maybe on April 20th, where you can really go green.

Then you wonder… what if this is as good as earth gets? What if we’re in the futuristic utopia and its all downhill from here? We can say we lived in the most golden age! Maybe we should pollute, so our generation can go out on top. Thats what Seinfield did, and look at him now, everyone wishes their show was that good. Everyone will look on the people of 2008 and wish they were us. We had it easy! We ruled! Pollution = immortality!

End supervillian rant.

The bottom line is that there will be increased funding for research on this matter, and that will be a good thing. I just don’t like the scarearmaggedon.jpg tactics, its just like our current government trying to get us to fear Terrorism to support the war. Each side does it a little, and its not the way our society should function. When i was a kid, they said in 50 years all elephants would be extinct. But will they really? Zoos are doing a pretty good job. And I trust that no matter what, new technologies will be introduced to help our planet. Are we a big enough force on the planet that we can change the entire climate? Or are we just saying that Humans are the center of the universe and that the sun rotates around the earth? Time will tell. Just enjoy Miami while you can.

Grade: 85


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