I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Joe says:

When I saw this movie on the pay-per-view list at Christmas, I thought it would be entertaining because it’d just be one big gay joke. I mean, who hasn’t told one ori-now-pronounce.jpg been on the wrong end of one? Even my gay friends love ‘em! Well, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry was a joke alright.

Kevin James and Adam Sandler, two successful comedians of the modern day (neither of whom I really care for anyway, but I was willing to give them a chance), played two fire department buddies who fake a gay marriage (oh, sorry, “domestic partnership”) so that James’ widower character can get benefits for his young family. The plot summary is not really even worth breaking down, but there is a so-called happy ending and blah blah blah everything is back to normal like every corny, piece-of-crap, faux-romantic comedy you’ve ever seen.

This movie became extremely PC as it went on. You might not think that’s a bad thing, but for a movie that considers itself a comedy, it’s really not. I HATE when comedies get serious. The script went out of its way on many occasions to pander, and did so in a way that it just dripped with cheesiness. If that wasn’t bad enough, the movie is counterbalanced with gay stereotypes that were so over-the-top that it was painful to watch. Not as painful as sitting on a dinner fork, but probably as painful as getting poked with a large stick.

The plot was predictable. By about the half way point (this movie was 2 hours long – what the hell were they thinking?), if not before, anyone with functioning neural synapses could accurately project the rest of the storyline. What made is worse was – because it was so long – it took whatever mild plot developments there were forever to unfold.

95% of the jokes were either boring or massively overdone. Doesn’t ANYONE in Hollywood have fresh material these days, or did the writers all take it on strike with them?

It was corny, clichéd, preachy, unoriginal, and flat. You might get a cheap laugh here or there, but that’s about it. Some people (coughwomencough) might find the ridiculously unrealistic ending cute…either that, or you’ll be impatiently waiting for it to end. The message of tolerance is admirable, but it was presented poorly and in an uncreative manner.

Not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but still worse than I expected (and I had fairly reasonable expectations for it – like a grade of 50-60ish). If you seedavid.png it for some reason, don’t expect much of anything. I’ve seen some other reviews, obviously by viewers who have no critical eye for entertainment, calling this an excellent comedy – this ain’t Airplane!, The Producers, The Naked Gun, or Blazing Saddles – hell, this ain’t even Happy Gilmore.

On the plus side, Jessica Biel. Enough said.

Grade: 39

[Editor’s note: I don’t know why I put the Star of David as a photo for this review…Adam Sandler just makes all of his movies somehow about Judaism.]


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