Dark City

James says:

Ok, wow. This movie has been underrated for far too long! It all begins when John Murdoch wakes up in a hotel room with no memoriesdarkcity.jpg and one dead hooker. Turns out that he’s wanted for murder, even though he doesn’t remember killing anyone. He then meets Keifer Sutherland, who plays a crippled doctor working for a group known as The Strangers, a race of weird pale people who control the city Murdoch lives in and seem to have eerie psychic powers. Pretty soon, Murdoch starts to recover his childhood memories, growing up in an idyllic place known as “Shell Beach.” And also he has the same powers as The Strangers, including the ability to alter the physical aspects of the city at will. The movie then becomes a chase, as Murdoch struggles to reach Shell Beach and find his estranged wife, who has had her memories of him removed, and also dethrone The Strangers if he can. It all leads up to a ridiculously cool psychic battle between Murdoch and the leader of The Strangers, and the revelation of what they are, and what the city itself is.

This movie is crazy. I can’t stress this enough. It’s a really, really good movie, but it will make your brain hurt a lot the first time you see it as you furrow your brow in a vain attempt to understand. Once you start to make sense out of what the fuck is going on, however, it becomes a very satisfying flick. Sure, some of the special effects are a bit dated (this movie is now ten years old, happy birthday!) but honestly, who gives a fuck? That’s not what makes this movie awesome. It’s the combination of top-notch acting from the entire cast and a really great story that make this movie as good as it is. The one thing I will warn you of…don’t watch this movie with a girl who doesn’t want to watch this movie. She will hate you forever. Anyone else, though, will probably like it a lot.

Grade: 89


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