Reign Over Me

Jason says:

Ok, so I did a review of this movie for a class last fall. I said I liked it, blah, blah, and gave it three stars. But the more I think about the movie, the less I like it. reign-over-me.jpg So here’s some redemption.
First off, it’s not an awful movie because it has an interesting premise and some good performances. The plot is simple: Charlie lost his family in 9/11 (somewhere Rudy Giuliani perked up a little) and developed post-traumatic stress disorder to the point that he can’t recognize his college roommate, Alan. They reconnect and help Charlie through his troubles. Woohoo. Adam Sandler is actually really good as Charlie. Yes, that Adam Sandler. This almost makes up for Spanglish. But the problem that I failed to address in my article all have to do with the writing, casting, and direction by Mike Binder, whoever the hell that is.
Without further ado, I give you the Binder Rules for screwing a good premise with good actors:

  1. Cast a big actor and a good actress as his wife and don’t give them anything interesting to do. Don Cheadle is great as Alan, but is pretty much a stereotype who could’ve been played by one of Sandler’s buddies. Ditto Jada Pinkett Smith for his wife.
  2. Destroy the main character with a useless trial, heartless in-laws, and an idiot lawyer and judge played respectively by Ryan from the Office and Donald Sutherland.
  3. Add a character with no meaning to the script: there’s this chick who, not kidding now, really wants to fellate Don Cheadle. She really wants him in her mouth…it’s ridiculous. She’s in the movie way too much (read: any screen time is too much).
  4. Miscast Liv Tyler as a psychiatrist.

Plus, the dude has a lame part in his own movie. So he sucks at acting too. Do yourself a favor and watch the first half of the film only, without the scenes with the crazy bj girl. Then it’s a decent movie worth three stars. (I did get an A on the review,though). The grade is higher than it should be b/c I said I liked it initially, which must count for something.

Grade: 65


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