You Kill Me

Allen says:

Try to picture Ghandi with a drinking problem. That would pretty much be what my initial thought was when I started watching You Kill Me. youkillme.jpg Ben Kingsley, who played Ghandi in the motion picture, plays Frank Falenczyk, the raging alcoholic of a main character in this odd yet surprisingly entertaining film. Now, when I say alcoholic, I mean ALCOHOLIC. This dude is well versed in the ways of getting drunk. He even throws his bottle of alcohol in the snow- partially to keep it cold (heh, I learned of doing this in Minnesota), but also as a reward for getting to the next point of his snow shoveling!

Anyway, Frank is a hit-man for the Polish Mob in Buffalo, New York, and his steadily increasing blood alcohol level is beginning to affect his work. So, the family decides it would be best for him to take an extended vacation to San Francisco to attend some Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and get back to a good place in his life. And there my friends, is where the fun starts.

With the sort of irony that made me chuckle at least more than once, Frank is hooked up with a job as a mortician by his family’s friends out in the Bay Area. It is through this interesting career move that Frank ends up meeting Tea Leone’s character, the obligatory love interest. She’s kind of cute in a weird way, and she does a pretty good job with her character, as do most of the actors and actresses in the movie.
Probably one of the things that I found most interesting about this film was how it combined a constant sort of dry humor into the seriousness of the different situations at hand. This made it fun to watch, and different from other romantic comedy type movies I’ve seen lately. Anyway, I would definitely recommend this movie to others, not just for the hilariousness of an alcoholic Ghandi, but also because it really does seem to capture the fight alcoholics have to go through pretty well. I would however say that the movie was quite predictable at times, and that is what brings this film’s score down a bit from the 88 I was going to give it.

Grade: 84


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