Sin City

James says:

Ok, time for one of the more polarizing movies I’ve ever seen. After this movie came out, I remember having long, drawn out, boring talks with people about how the acting was awful. My response to them was, and still is, that it’s really, really over the top. And if you were paying any attention at all to the rest of the movie, you would notice that the movie is REALLY, REALLY OVER THE TOP. The explanation for this is really fucking simple, too: the movie is based on a comic book. Anyone who has read the comic can tell you that it’s completely and utterly absurd, but that’s half the charm. Everything about it is larger than life (especially Marv), and the acting in the movie reflects this. Truth be told, it can get a bit grating at times, when everyone is acting so damn simple all the time.

In addition to that, the visual style of the movie is absolutely stunning, with a lot of black and white complementing the bursts of color. The heroes, played by Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, and Bruce Willis, are all awesome. Just plain fucking awesome. They exist to kick ass, and they rule at it. All three of their stories are very satisfying on a visceral level, and they each have great little nods to each other in the form of tiny cameos from different characters. The endings are all extremely appropriate, too. When a character finds himself in a situation from which there is no possible means of escape that would make any sense, then you can rest assured that this character just doesn’t escape. And Marv’s ending in particular is the most badass thing that ever was.

If none of that other stuff is enough for you, at one point during this movie the viewer is treated to Elijah Wood fighting Mickey Rourke in a no-holds-barred face smashing. It’s an extremely bloody scene that ends with Rutger Hauer clutching the severed head of the kid from “Flipper” and being really sad. This brief clilp alone is worth the price of admission. This movie is definitely not for the weak-stomached, since red tends to be the primary color, and most of that color is coming out of various gaping wounds.

Grade: 80



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