Boogie Nights

Jason says:

Boogie Nights is just as awesome as you would expect a movie about the porn industry in the 70s and 80s. It’s the classic tale of sex, drugs, and rock & roll, as told through the eyes of Dirk Diggler (Marky Mark Wahlberg is perfect, shocking as that may seem). There’s enough plot and sadness for the women folk, and enough Burt Reynolds, comedy, and Heather Graham naked for the men. boogienights2.jpg

In a nutshell, Dirk is this kid with a gift: a massive shlong. After being discovered by porn producer Reynolds, he quickly ascends to fame as the world’s top porn star. His fame goes to his head, cocaine goes to his nose, and he develops a giant ego, which eventually tanks his career. He tries recording a song (hilarious in its awfulness) and eventually makes amends. Huzzah.

Three things that own about this movie:

  1. John C. Reilly in his first comedic role. He plays a porn star/magician who becomes best friends with Dirk. I’m so glad that the big JCR is back in comedy now after all those years of bit parts in dramas like The Hours and Magnolia. He really has a knack for it.
  2. The supporting cast is phenomenal. Philip Seymour Hoffman is amazing (is he ever not?), and Donboogie-nights.jpg Cheadle, William H. Macy, and Julianne Moore are all great as fellow members of the porn industry (don’t worry, Macy’s a director, not a star).
  3. This one scene in the movie makes the whole thing: Dirk and two buddies are trying to rip off a cocaine dealer (Alfred Molina) and are forced to just sit around while the guy plays “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger (awesome 80s song) and “Jesse’s Girl” by Rick Springfield (ditto). The tension is more than just palpable, it’s…um…really tense. We know something’s gonna go wrong, they know something’s gonna go wrong, and it’s a waiting game.

The only issue with the movie is that it tries to get us to care about Moore’s aging porn star/mom with a drug habit. I didn’t. She’s a bad mom, and probably shouldn’t get custody. Yeah, that sucks, but the kid deserves better. Too much time was spent trying to convince us otherwise.
So check this out. It’s really really good. Plus, porn. So that’s a twofer.
Grade: 93


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