James says:


What do you get when you cross “Farhenheit 451,” “1984,” and “The Matrix?” You get CHRISTIAN BALE. Also you get “Equilibrium,” a movie in about a futuristic society in which human emotion has been determined to be the root of all evil. So the Government, evil as it is, bans all forms of art and requires all people to take a drug that suppresses emotion. Not taking this drug becomes a crime enforced by a group of people known as Clerics, led by none other than Bale himself! His job is to hunt down “sense offenders,” people who don’t take their drug and actually feel stuff, and kill them. Bale is very good at his job, until one morning he breaks his vial of medication, and soon begins to feel shit and sympathize with the sense offenders. From there, he runs absolute train on a lot of people and saves a puppy!

Not all is flowers and sunshine, however. As much as I enjoy this movie, it does have problems. For example, why do all the faceless bad guys wear motorcycle helmets? And for that matter, why does dust billow out when they get shot? Also, the fight between Taye Diggs and Bale was over far too soon. The entire movie builds up this great tension between their characters in a sort of master/apprentice relationship, and then just when you think “Awesome! Finally they’re gonna go at it like cats in a wet bag!” it’s over. I was furious the first time I saw it. Additionally, there’s a good amount of stuff in there that just could’ve used more explanation. For example, who the FUCK are these people in charge? And why can the Clerics dodge bullets? There’s some line of dialogue in there about how they’re designed to move to the places where bullets are least likely to be mathematically, but that’s nonsense. Regardless of these flaws, this movie is really well done, features incredible action scenes, and meshes three classic sci-fi worlds into one happy mush.

Grade: 90


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