Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

Schuyler says:

Aqua Teen (TV) > Aqua Teen (Movie)shake1.jpg

The reason for that is the fact that the ADD style of humor lends itself to 11 minute episodes much better than it does to 2 hour feature films. Audiences who enjoy Aqua Teen can’t sit still for THIRTY minutes to watch a real TV show, much less in an uncomfortable movie theater seat in Somerville, MA. I will explain what I hated about this movie in an acrostic poem:

D imensions (3) – The crappy 1980s 3-d throwback graphics were a terrible eyesore and didn’t accomplish a humorous purpose
R etarded Walter Melon watermelon character. Apparently Chris Kattan is down to the last rung on the totem pole when it comes to begging for work: Adult Swim

W hen the writers decided to try and fit every single former ATHF villain into the movie. Ambitious, but TOO MUCH.
E mory and Oglethorpe’s lines just weren’t as funny as they normally are on the show
I saac Hayes III playes a plantation owner’s voice for a few seconds. Shaft can fuck himself with how his crazy Scientologist ass screwed over South Park studios. I hope he never works again.
R idiculous revelations: Frylock is a woman, the diamond on the back of his head is a VCR player, Frylock is Dr. Weird’s mother, and the Aqua Teens were born from a Tina-Fey-sounding-burrito, etc., etc.
D r. Weird and Steve SHOULD NOT BE MAIN CHARACTERS. THEY SUCK. THEY ARE NOT FUNNY. Apparently C. Martin Croker has some compromising photos of the producers, because he got WAY too much of a part in this film.

What makes Aqua Teen Hunger Force (TV) funny, isn’t present in Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Movie)

Grade: 71


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