The Notebook

James says:

LAME. I got dragged to see this movie in theaters by a girl, and what did I get for my troubles? NOTHING. I sat through this nonsensenotebook.jpg listening to classic lines like, “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird!” Who the fuck says shit like that? Screenplay writers? People trying to sound hip via their old-timey characters? It sucked. Stupid, stilted dialogue and Ryan Gosling combined to make a terrible, dull movie where we don’t even get to see Rachel McAdams get naked. She was the high point of it for me. She’s really pretty.

And what kind of romance ends with everyone dying? Even “Titanic” had one survivor from the main couple. Granted, I’m not really complaining. I almost got thrown out of the theater at that point because all the sobbing women couldn’t hear their final words over the sound of my hysterical laughter. Call me heartless if you must, but it was SO BORING. There was ONE scene that could’ve been cool, when Gosling is fighting in a war, but it’s over in like four minutes because his friend dies. Whoopdeela and fuck a goat, guy. Like I said, the ONLY high points of this movie for me were Rachel McAdams, and the fact that those sappy, insufferable old people kick it at the end. Avoid this crap and see something like “Love Actually” instead. At least that’s a pretty damn good movie.

Grade: 11


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