Schuyler says:

This is the only movie that MIGHT have swayed my college admission. I rememberrudy.jpg sitting in a chair in Father Giles’ office at my high school. The scene went something like this:

Father Giles: Schuyler, it’s between Boston College and Notre Dame. Which of these schools do you really want us to push for you to get into? Why do you want to go to BC or ND?

Schuyler: BC is in Boston…Notre Dame is in South Bend…I could have a ton of fun in Boston…South Bend only has a solitary Pizza Hut…………………………b-b-but what about Rudy?

At the last second I withdrew my app to Notre Dame and applied to my eventual college choice, Boston College. There was no reason to go to Notre Dame other than Rudy, and damn was that a powerful argument.

::Rudy orchestral theme plays for a few minutes::

I needed a pick-me-up.

Rudy is the story of a dumbshite hick that works in a metal-forging-and-melting factory. Daniel “Rudy” Reuttiger’s best friend Pete is killed when one of the forges explodes, melting his face off. I would suppose he gives not a shit about Global Warming. His face experienced Global Warming X10.

What would any dumbshite hick think when presented with such a tragedy.

“Hmm. My best friend is dead/that melted cheese on the bottom of the nacho plate after you’re done eating all of them….I WANNA PLAY NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL! YEAHHHHHHH!”

Yes, I know, but this movie takes place before abortions were legalized, so Rudy lives on.

He works night and day, gives a priest a handy, and even goes to COMMUNITY COLLEGE (I know, vomit) all for a chance to get in to Notre Dame (which does not fail to demonstrate that admission standards were/are/always will be shit by admitting Rudy “Failed Life Class” Reuttiger).

Somehow, he gets into Notre Dame. This matters not, because we all know College Admissions are bullshit. The amazing part is that after getting into Notre Dame, this r-tard decides “Well…garsh…now that I’m in this here skuh-ool, Imma play me some football?” And that he does! Rudy tries out for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, and makes the practice squad because…….the script says so. He gets his shit kicked in every practice for two years until the climax of the movie where he finally gets to play in the last game of the season.

Rudy plays for one single play in a game against Georgia Tech, another school of brilliant upstarts. Maybe Rudy should’ve transferred…

In the final play, Rudy sacks the quarterback, everyone who’s ever known him cheers, and he’s carried off the field.

There is SO much wrong with this movie

-The Pro-ND propaganda. What school WOULDN’T want a Miracle-type story produced about their institution?
-Samwise Gamgee = OPPOSITE of a D-1 college football player
-Rudy never touches a drink in college, and we all know that ND football players wouldn’t be half the team they are without booze. Oh wait, they lost every game they played this year (Boston College loyalties being what they are…)

This movie would get an F………..if it wasn’t for the amazingly heroine-esque addictive soundtrack, which brings it right back into the upper-echelons of mediocrity.

Grade: 81


2 Responses to “Rudy”

  1. torontojoey Says:

    you miss the entire point of the movie……if a message so obvious has managed to elude you, then its very clear as to who the real loser is

  2. metblack85 Says:

    Obviously the real point of the movie is “overcoming the odds.” I’m not dumb. It just comes off as tremendously cheesy. It was my favorite movie for a long time, and I gave it a very fair grade, but for a piece of cinema…a masterpiece it is not.

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