Mrs. Doubtfire

Schuyler says:

An excellent juxtaposition to Man of the Year, Mrs. Doubtfire shows what happens whendoubtfire.jpg Robin Williams is happily supplied with acid. He has a fucking difficult time driving to the set each day…but once he’s there BOY DOES HE SHINE! Williams plays both himself (irresponsible child trapped in an adults body…which sounds a lot like Jack) and an elderly English woman with huge fake tits. He puts on a fat suit, tons of facial prosthetic stuff, dentures, the works. What makes this Robin Williams better than other Robin Williamses? He doesn’t try to teach us something. Yes, there might be a few cute moments between Williams and his kids (Matthew Lawrence? Bargain-bin…) but I don’t leave this film feeling like Williams wants me to protect animals (COUGH Ferngully COUGH), wants me to vote a certain way (COUGH Man of the Year COUGH), or beat the fuck out of every sketchy old guy working at a photography store I see (COUGH…..COUGH COUGH COUGH PUKE 1-Hour Photo COUGH). He’s just like the Genie in Aladdin: funny one-liners at the speed of light.

Sally Fields…she’s good in this movie, but I don’t know why some people think she is Joseph of fucking Arimathea. Aren’t middle-aged housewife actresses a dime-a-dozen? Does she really do anything in this film that Wendy Crewson (The Santa Claus) or Bonnie Hunt (Jumanji) couldn’t have done? No. She’s cookie cutter, and the fact that her tits are sagging lower than Robin Williams’ don’t help. Why can’t Denise Richards play the troubled divorced mother?

Pierce Brosnan? Since I mentioned The Santa Claus, I would like to remove Pierce Brosnan from this film (he belongs in a museum!) and substitute good ole Judge Reinhold. Once again, all the non-Tim Allen characters could be transplanted into this film with no negative effect, which demonstrates that save Williams, the actors have little impact on the actual story. They’re nothing but bits of salad, dressing, and croutons that get in the way of eating the bacon bits (Williams).

Very solid movie, but like some of the best flamingos and worst bowlers…it stands on one leg.

Grade: 80


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