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What more needs to be said about one of the greatest comedies of all time? This classic disaster movie spoof follows the story of a man and his stewardess as they attempt to land a pilot-less plane, while the guy from “Unsolved Mysteries” talks a lot and tries to help. But then his dog humps a guy, and I’m usually laughing too hard to listen.

Any movie that features a little boy asking a little girl how she takes her coffee, to which the little girl replies, “Black, like my men,” is clearly in a different league of hilarity. With more cameos than you can shake a stick at, including Kareem Abdul-Gom Jabbar (if any girls got that reference, marry me), and…other people, this is truly a comedy classic. If you haven’t seen it already, go out and rent it. Or better yet, buy it. Show “The Man” that we won’t tolerate abysmal comedies like “Epic Movie” anymore. We need a return to form, and familiarizing yourself with an example like “Airplane!” is a great place to start getting yourself some fucking culture.

It’s the perfect movie to sit down and watch with your parents, who no doubt remember it fondly from their distant childhoods. Do what I say, and go see this movie for yourself. At least three thumbs up for this masterpiece. The only downside I can find is that, like all good things, it must come to an end. And I suppose some of the jokes are a bit out-dated at this point. But fuck it, a little un-PC goodness goes a long way in these troubled times.

Grade: 92


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