Man of the Year

Schuyler says:

I wonder how the history of film would have been effected had Robin Williams not dropped that first hit of acid. There would probably be more “Blast from the Past”s and “Clueless”s. Basically, Nazi Germany would have survived the American onslaught on the beaches of Normandy. Hitler’s grandson, Kevin Hitler, would currently be world ruler.

Robin Williams trying to play a sincere, heartfelt character is very much the same as the reign of Kevin Hitler: bland and


not nearly as potent as the ones that came before. When Williams was a cartoonish caricature in his films of the 80s and 90s, he flourished at the box office, much like Adolph Hitler in his prime (Mein Kampf was #2 on the best seller’s list). When Williams pulled a Jim Carry and decided he would prefer to be in Patch Adams and What Dreams May Come, abandoning the comedy that made him who he was, it was a dark day for comedy films. Now, a confused Mork is signing on for movies such as MOTY.

Yes, yes, we all hate politics. Even Barack Obama hates politics. If he could get out of the political realm, Obama might be able to enjoy life as a well-educated white guy. However, he’s running for president, and that makes him very black.

Williams’ Jon Stewart clone-character makes cute funny “Politicians are fat! Politicians lie! Politicians steal money!” jokes every few minutes, but never really steals your breath with laughter the way he did in Mrs. Doubtfire and The Birdcage.

Lewis Black is a funny PERSON who is in the movie, but he is never allowed to explode in the traditional Lewis “I hate everyone! I’m having two strokes now!” Black manner.

Laura Linney just plain sucks in this movie, much like she sucked all the happiness out of Love, Actually with her big puffy, happiness sucking lips. Rodrigo Santoro couldn’t masturbate for 4 months after that movie, because Linney’s sad face was burned into his retinas.

And I, despite having a mild appreciation for the insanity that is Christopher Walken, do not approve of his appearance in this movie, which lacks any Walken-zaniness. Without zany, Walken is an old guy that really creeps out younger women sitting on the same park bench as he.

Lukewarm Robin Williams + Tamed Lewis Black + Ghostfucker Laura Linney + Christopher Walken-Dead = D+/C-

Rent it if you want to exorcise your 2008-Political-overload demons, but only expect minimal gratification.

Grade: 68


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